Masters of reconnaissance



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«Masters of reconnaissance» will show their strength, agility and endurance when making their way through the “scout path”, as well as firing skills, and will overcome water obstacles on fighting vehicles and take accelerated march as parts of their units.



Team senior

Team leader

Reconnaissance unit (up to 10 men, 2 stand-bys)

Coaching group (2 men)

Support crew (3 max.)

Technical support crew (2 men)


The Institute was established in March 1967. Today it is one of the leading military educational institutions of the country.

Currently the Institute trains reconnaissance commanders and infantry units. Representatives from 7 foreign countries (Belarus, Armenia, Palestine, Laos, Yemen, Angola, Congo) study here. .

The military educational Institute trains officers for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and other agencies.

25 graduates of the Institute were awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union and Russian Federation.


Air landing and performance of accelerated march


Full strength reconnaissance section performs parachute jumps from Mi-8 helicopter (or by ground means of transportation - by vehicles), advances to the assigned assembly point behind the “enemy” lines, located 500 m from the landing zone. Having arrived at the assembly point and having informed a judge about section arrival, the leader gives order to deploy a radio station and reports to the HQ.

Reconnaissance section performs a 5-kilometre accelerated march on foot with compulsory passing of 5 checkpoints. At the third checkpoint the section leader determines coordinates of the objective.

The section conducts reconnaissance ambush (raid)..

Obstacle crossing. “Scout’s path”

Reconnaissance unit, fully equipped with combat and simulation devices, overcomes the “scout’s path” (obstacle line) in 2 directions.

Reconnaissance unit, fully equipped with combat and simulation devices, overcomes the “scout’s path” (obstacle line) in 2 directions.


  1. Wooden fence
  2. Brick wall with gaps
  3. Stone wall
  4. Concrete wall
  5. NATO standard fence
  6. Half-ruined building
  7. Building face
  8. Abatis
  9. Wire net on high stakes
  10. Railway section with water pipes
  11. Barbed-wire obstacle
  12. Wire net on low stakes
  13. Ditch with water and overcoming means
  14. Canalization site
  15. Horizontal bars
  16. Brick wall with glass and ditch with water
  17. Elimination of a sentry
  18. Trench for grenade throwing
  19. Communication trench
  20. Communication line

Contest among drivers


Drivers meet carry out an exercise «IFV driving in difficult terrain conditions» and meet IFV driving standards.

The route is 4-6 km long with natural and man-made obstacles. Start is at different time (2 minutes interval between crews).

The standards for IFV driving «IFV loading on the railway platform from end ramp and a side platform and unloading» or «IFV loading on a heavy semitrailer (50 tones) and unloading»..


  1. Track passage in minefield
  2. AT hedgehog overcoming
  3. Maneuvering area (with S-turns)
  4. Moving on and out of the heavy trailer
  5. Passage between posts with stop points
  6. Moving on the railway platform
  7. Antitank ditch with a passage
  8. Trench
  9. Log of wood and hole
  10. Tracked bridge
  11. Shell craters
  12. Ford

Range practice

Scouts execute range practice with organic weapons.

  1. PM pistol shooting.
  2. AK-74 submachine gun and PK machine gun shooting.
  3. SVD shooting.
  4. RPG firing.
  5. Firing practice within section.
  6. Knife throwing.
  7. Infantry shovel throwing.
  8. Hand assault grenade throwing for accuracy.


  1. Tank
  2. Height target
  3. Light machine-gun target
  4. Infantry fighting vehicle in the trench
  5. Breast target
  6. Breast target with circles
  7. Half-length figure
  8. Head target
  9. Machine-gun target

Arriving to the assembly area after mission accomplishment


The reconnaissance section swims with the equipment and weapons to cross a 100 m wide water obstacle.

A section leader establishes the communication with the HQ and reports the results of the mission accomplished.

A scout section performs a 3-kilometre accelerated march with shooting. Shooting is carried out by the section personnel, except for the scout grenadier, using organic arms.


Maximum for all stages 1336 points.

1 stage — 210 points.
-20 safety requirements violation,
-10 communication session skipping;
-formation disorganization during boarding a helicopter, landing (disembarking), the advance to the assembly point without fire support or violation of tactical actions ;
-1 loss of equipment;
-1 mistakes in the transmitted data .

2 stage – 300 points
0 violation of safety requirements;
-10 safety requirements and camouflaging measures violation;
-10 skipping communication session;
-5 failure to overcome an obstacle ;
-5 loss of control, and formation disorder;
-1 loss of items of equipment.

3 stage — 280 points
0 skipping or failure to overcome a track bridge;
-3 failure to fulfill driving technique standard ;
-2 bypass of one obstacle;
-1 violating the rules of vehicles overtaking.

4 stage – 396 points.
-10 safety requirements violation;
-5 target is not hit;
-2 unmasking;
-2 time loss at shot stops;
-2 single shot instead of bursts and vice cersa;
-2 loss of items of equipment.

5 stage – 150 points.
-10 rendering assistance by the rescue
-10 drowning of arms or means of communication
-1 concealment measures violations.


Results of the contest are qualified according to the final time of passing stages taking into account penalties, results of firing practice and firing from small arms and grenade launchers. The winner team is defined in general priority of units according to the least sum of places for all competition stages.

The team with the best score to overcome complex of obstacles «scout’s path» on the second stage of the contest, is awarded «For strength, agility and endurance» cup.

The team with the best record in the group shooting at the fourth stage of the Contest, is awarded «For the best shooting within the reconnaissance section» cup.

The winner team at the fifth stage of the contest is awarded « For the will to win» cup.

The winner of the contest is awarded «Masters of Reconnaissance» cup.