Safe route



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«Safe route» will be ensured by engineering troops from Russian and foreign armies. During competition each team will become movement support group for tank units.



Team senior

Combat engineering unit (5 soldiers and 1 military officer)

Mechanized bridge crew (5 soldiers and 1 military officer)

Combat Breacher vehicle (CBV)crew (2 soldiers)

Coaching group (2 men)

Support crew (3 max.)


Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region


Actions of engineering-reconnaissance patrol (crew) on investigation of a ford


On the first site the ford of 10 m width, 20 m length and 1 m depth is equipped. Engineering-reconnaissance patrol (hereinafter - ERP) as a part of engineering-field-engineering branch on an armored troop-carrier-80 is in readiness for actions in 100 m from an obstacle. The staff is dressed in joined ops complete sets investigations (OVR-2). Mine detectors are prepared for work. On ford five anti-tank mines are put.
− To come up to an obstacle.
− To explrore ford.
− To establish presence of obstacles.
− To designate the indexes, the found out obstacles and to destroy them.
− To designate ford beforehand with prepared marks.


2 STAGE. Elimination of antipersonnel mines using minesweepers and terrain reconnaissance for the presence of mine obstacles


On the second site, the distantly established antipersonnel minefield (further - DEAM) (width - 30 m depth of 40 m) with use of helicopter mining system (HMS) is arranged. Borders of a site of a minefield are marked. On the DEAM site, 8 antitank mines and 2 antipersonnel mines of type OZM-72 are installed. .
− Having approached, to the minefield borders, two sappers throw cats with ropes along an axis of the planned pass and treat a site of a minefield depth of 15 - 20 m. for the purpose of destruction of antipersonnel mines of type OZM-72.
− Then all four sappers with mine detectors and spikes move with an interval of 1,5 m and make pass in width of 6 m on the depth of the trawled a minefield.
− After that operations are repeated to clear all the field.
− IRD Commander moves behind field-engineers, watches quality of mine clearing and supervises over branch actions.
− Field-engineers designate the found antitank mines by marks for their subsequent destruction with the use of prepared charges.
− Destruction of the found out antipersonnel mines is carried out with the use of means of imitation.


3 STAGE. Assemblage of a mechanized bridge from the set ТММ.


At the third site, the obstacle with the width of 6 m, length 18 m, and depth of 2 m. is arranged The place for bridge assemblage is chosen and designated.
− TMM vehicles go to the place of bridge arrangement and prepare for installation of bridge sections.
− To establish the first bridge section, to disconnect bridge builder and to take it away to the assigned place.
− To prepare a bridge section for entrance of the second vehicle.
− To put forward to an obstacle the second vehicle and to move apart the tracks of a bridge section.
− To establish the second car on a bridge section and to prepare it for frame lifting.
− To establish the second bridge section.
− To disconnect bridge builder from the construction and to take it away to the assigned place.
− To prepare the bridge for the exploitation, to install borders and approaches to the bridge with the use of traffic signs (load capacity of the bridge and speed of movement).
− After the report to the OOD Commander about the termination of construction, the engineering-reconnaissance patrol on an armored personnel carrier and the crew of the engineering vehicle overcome an obstacle.
− TMM vehicles overcome an obstacle by bridge and take cover in the prepared place.


4 STAGE. Breaching through engineer obstacles on an obstacle-clearing vehicle (CBV)


On the fourth site three platforms are arranged:

  1. A reinforced concrete abatis (for usage of CBV manipulator).
  2. An anti-tank ditch (for usage of bulldozing equipment CBV).
  3. A wood abatis (for usage of CBV bulldozing equipment).

The crossing place over the antitank ditch and abates are marked. Driver are on their positions and watch the instrument readings. The borders of platforms for task performance are marked by marks. Hatches are closed.
− CBV crew at the command of the OOD commander goes to the place of breaching of a reinforced concrete abatis.
− To lift an arrow on 0,5 - 1 m over a leg, then lay down the leg.
− The to move reinforced-concrete pipes to the assigned places: 2 pipes to the right side of CBV and 2 – to the left.
− To bring the equipment to the traveling position and to firing the equipment in transport position and to lock it.
– To make passage in fallen (burning) forest.