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“Field kitchen” contest will take place among cookery masters who will show their skills in preparation of tasty food in any conditions anytime.

About competition

Team (7 MAX)

Team leader

Participants (2 cookers and 2 bakers or 4 cooker-bakers)

Technical support crew (2 men)
(in case where the team arrives with its own technical means)




Sports stage


In the course of the first “Sports” stage, physical training of the participants will be assessed by points in three disciplines – pull-ups (body bending for women), sprint for 100 m and 1 000 m.

The participants of the contest will perform exercises in the sequence defined by the jury.

Firearms training competition
(held at the range for assault rifle firing)


Participants perform firing exercises “Firing at stationary and appearing targets at daytime using assault rifle

Targets for assault rifle firing:

half-silhouette stationary target (aim #4) (shield 0,75x0,75m);
attacking shooter - half-length moving figure (aim #7) appearing for unlimited time.

Distance to targets:

to the half-silhouette stationary target – 100m;
to attacking shooter – 200 m..
Number of rounds – 11. Three of them – for half-silhouette stationary target and 8 – for attacking shooter (by bursts). Firing is performed from prone position with a support

Scoring rules:

- 3 points (hit the target #7 scoring 25 points)
- 2 points (hit the target #7 scoring 20 points)
-1 point (hit the target #7 scoring 15 points)
- 0 point (conditions for 3,2,1 point are not fulfilled)

Individual competition in cookery and bakery


In the course of the third stage – “Individual competition in cookery and bakery” the professional skills of the participants are assessed by points.

The preparation of the first and second courses, tea and bakery products is carried out using supplies given by the organizers of the Contest.

The quality of the prepared food is assessed by appearance, texture, colour, taste and smell. While tasting the amount of salt is evaluated.

Scoring rules:

The food will be evaluated on the basis of the 10-point system by the jury after assessment of quality together with the teams’ participants. The points scored at the third stage are registered using the factor of 10.

Master class, national food

The stage is held in order to:

familiarize the contestants and guests of the Contest with the national traditional meals of the participating countries; to the show the level of professionalism and qualification of the participants; demonstrate the capabilities of food preparation in the field conditions; to exchange the experience and technology of national bakery and cookery and to improve the professional skill of the servicemen. There will also be a possibility of tasting the prepared meals.

Summing up the results

The points are scored according to the time of passing the route and the results of firings.

The winners and runners-up of the competitions will be defined according to the number of the points scored during the contest.

The place is defined according to the number of points scored during each element of the contest and makes the sum of the point for

- physical training of the participants;
- firing competition;
- individual competition in cookery and bakery.