International Army Games 2015





“Tank biathlon” — best tank crews who are winners of preliminaries as well as foreign army crews will demonstrate mastership in taking control of their tank, overcoming various obstacles and hitting targets from the distance of more than two kilometers.
“Suvorov onslaught” — motorized infantry will show off-road driving skills and overcoming obstacles on their vehicles, firing accuracy on different type targets and teamwork.
“Aviadarts” — Pilots, best from RF Air Force units and formations, as well as pilots of foreign armies will show mastership in low altitude piloting and using their aircraft combat capabilities.
“Airborne platoon” — Russian and foreign paratroopers will commence parachute landing, accelerated march, compete in firing accuracy, agility and speed, run a pursuit race, and demonstrate team spirit during relay race.
“Caspian Sea” — marine troops of the CIS states will define the best unit during “Caspian derby” at Adanak training field, whereas ship crews will compete for “Caspian Cup” at the Caspian Sea.
“Masters of artillery fire” — best artillery crews of Russia and foreign states will define fastest, most accurate and coherent one during competition at firing range near Saratov.
“Masters of air defence” will compete in fast passing of cross-country route, live firing from portable AA system on fast moving air target, and on suddenly appeared helicopter
«Masters of reconnaissance» will show their strength, agility and endurance when making their way through the “scout path”, as well as firing skills, and will overcome water obstacles on fighting vehicles and take accelerated march as parts of their units.
“Open water” — pontoon-bridge units will overcome water obstacles, build ferry and pontoon bridges with help of specialized equipment, organize delivery of combat vehicles across water obstacles to destination.
«Safe route» will be ensured by engineering troops from Russian and foreign armies. During competition each team will become movement support group for tank units.
“Safe environment” — competition participated by NBC reconnaissance units. They will define the best of NBC protection of the route, driving on difficult terrain, detection of affected zone, special treatment of hardware and environment.
«Masters of automobile and tank hardware» will be defined out of military drivers who will pass day and night routes, overcome water obstacles, whereas crews of mobile repair shops on automobile platforms will compete in fast deployment and winding up their shops.
«Field kitchen» contest will take place among cookery masters who will show their skills in preparation of tasty food in any conditions anytime.

International Army Games – competition where they define strongest out of military professionals in the Russian and foreign armies in 14 disciplines, on 10 fields within three weeks of non-stop competition.