Airborne platoon



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“Airborne platoon” — Russian and foreign paratroopers will commence parachute landing, accelerated march, compete in firing accuracy, agility and speed, run a pursuit race, and demonstrate team spirit during relay race.



Team senior

Airborne platoon (21men max.)

Reserve airborne squad (7 max.)

Coaching group (2 pers.)

Support crew (3 max.)

Technical support crew (2 pers.)


Dubrovichy range, Ryazan region


Individual race with airborne insert and accelerated march
(determines the rating of each of the crew)


Responsibility for the accuracy of the paratroopers’ dropping is laid on the head of jumping, navigator on the landing area, commander of the crew of the helicopter (aircraft).

Soldiers realize the time standard of parachute double-event. After making a parachute jump the team is going to jump to the landing area and make a 1 km accalerated march with weapons, ammunition and parachute. Time is counted from the beginning of jump out of the first soldier from the aircraft and stop crossing the finish line of the last soldier of the team. The distance from the first to the last soldier during accelerated march should not exceed 20 meters for subdivision.

After the soldiers hand in their parachutes, they immediately start the second test — battle march with obstacles and shooting on the move from different positions. The total distance of the forced march is 5 km away. Each soldier executes an exercise in uniform with gas mask and personal weapons (automatic rifle with clip attached, bag with one clip, or grenade launcher or machine gun). During the exercise it is permitted to provide mutual support, but without the transfer of personal weapons.

Shooting with АКS-74, RPG-7D, PKP from different positions and finish.

(determines the rating of each of the crew)


Competitions are held on the 6-km long route with a penalty lap of 500 m. Each crew must run two laps. Start is not simultaneous at intervals of 60 seconds in order set by the draw. Three AFVs can be on the route.

Pursuit race
(determines the place in the rating table)


Competitions are held on the 9-km long route with a penalty lap of 500 m. Start is non-simultaneous with intervals according to the results of sprint with the passage of the three laps. On the route simultaneously can be located three AFVs, next start after the finish of the last, each with a difference in time, with account of the sprint.

Relay race
(determines the best team )


Competitions are held on the 9 km long route. Each team operates one AFV, with replacement of crews. Each crew must run one lap. Start is simultaneous.


Points are gathered by the crews in accordance with time period of route passing with respect of obstacle passing and shooting results.

Places are determined by the total placements occupied by them at all stages of the competition, or better time participant or team. Team points are composed by the time of results of the individual race, accelerated march with shooting and passing obstacle lane.

Common place of team is determined by the shortest time on the stages.