Masters of automobile and tank hardware



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“Masters of automobile and tank hardware” will be defined out of military drivers who will pass day and night routes, overcome water obstacles, whereas crews of mobile repair shops on automobile platforms will compete in fast deployment and winding up their shops.



Team senior

Team leader

UAZ -3151 driver

Ural 4320 (43206) driver

Kamaz 5350 (4350) driver

Kamaz 65225 driver (2 men)

MTO-UB1 crew (3 men)

Technical support crew (2 men)


Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region


Drivers’ competition

Competition participants :

1. LMV drivers
2. Truck drivers
3. Tow vehicle drivers

The Stage procedures:

UAZ, URAL, KAMAZ-5350 (4350):
- No 5 Restricted space driving,
- No 4с URAL, KAMAZ-5350 additional exercise Water obstacles overcoming
- No. 1с KAMAZ-65225 exercise Restricted space semitrailer towage

The race winner gets score depending on number of participants of the race (Example: 9 participants take part in the race, thus the winner gets 9 points, the next finisher gets 8 points etc.).

Restricted space driving

Performed on the specified track with restricted space obstacles day and night. The route range is 800 m.

Obstacles overcoming

Performed on the specified track; at the daytime driver puts on a gasmask and during night puts off the gasmask and turns on mask regime.

Restricted space semitrailer towage

Performed in a gasmask according to the scheme

Water obstacles overcoming

It is carried out day and night. Ford reconnaissance is conducted before the task performance. Water obstacle depth, stream flow speed and direction, bottom condition as well as access and exit tracks are determined. Ford boundaries are marked with flags or leading beacons, at night- with lamps or illuminated signs.

Maintenance crews competition


MTO-AM 2 maintenance crews perform the following training standards:
− Workshop full deployment
− Workshop full tear-down

Sequence for deployment and rolling of workshops is conducted under operational manual.

Shooting competition


Initial firing practice exercise №2 with the 5,45mm AK-74 assault rifle is conducted in accordance with the Small arms, combat vehicles and tanks marksmanship course of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

Three participants from each team take part in the Initial firing practice exercise №2.


The Competition participants get points depending on the time of the race and accuracy, get penalty points for obstacles contact, deviation from the route and procedures violation.

In case of a mistake at the first and second stages 30 seconds penalty is applied. If the vehicle breaks down during the task performance, the crew will get zero points; second attempt is not given to the crew. Teams have a possibility to replace their broken vehicle with a reserve one at the next stages of competition.

The time spent on the terrain orientation, wipe windows etc. is not excluded from the overall race time.

The result depends on the points and penalties gained by the team.


Winners among the teams and participants are determined by the sum of scores in all competitions.

In case of a draw, team leaders perform exercise № 6 (КV – 92) with cargo vehicles as an additional round.